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UPDATE: Witnesses describe sequence of violent events in Tyler Dahms trial


Witnesses described a sequence of violent events leading up to an alleged murder in the second day of the Tyler Dahms trial in Portage County.

Witnesses said the entire situation started around midnight on May 15, 2011. That's when Daniel Lewandowski said he started doing donuts on Kenneth Dombrowski's property. Lewandowski said when Dombrowski found out, they got into a fight.

"I had been pushed backwards back into the house and he had me up against the wall and he was punching me," said Lewandowski. "As that was happening, Tyler walked up and asked what was going on."

Later that afternoon, Lewandowski said he was over it. But witnesses said the defendant, Tyler Dahms, was "obsessing" over it and wouldn't let it go.

"He wasn't the person who had been hit," said Kate Christianson, who was on the property and spoke with Dahms on the day of the incident. "It wasn't his fight to begin with. It seemed to me that it wasn't his business."

Witnesses said throughout the afternoon, the defendant yelled obscenities to a group of adults who were also on the property, including Dombrowski. They said that led to a second argument.

"Ken (Dombrowski) and Mike (Dombrowski) were running at him at that time and I think I saw them swinging at him," said Thea Simonis, who also lived on the property. "They ripped his shirt off. They were telling him to leave."

Kenneth's daughter, Nicole was friends with Dahms at the time.

"I jumped in the middle of it to try to push my dad and Tyler apart and I ended up getting hit and pushed to the ground," said Nicole Dombrowski.

Nicole said she's seen her father hit Dahms 15 or 20 times in the past.

Witnesses said after that day's fight, Dahms walked away. Some of his friends said they were worried he would get beat up if he went back. But they said he told them he needed to get his truck. One witness said after Dahms went back, a third fight broke out.

"He said that he stabbed people and we should get out of there," said Lewandowski.

Portage County coroner Scott Rifleman said Karen Dombrowski was stabbed three times and died as a result of those injuries. Authorities said two others, Kenneth and Michael Dombrowski, were each stabbed multiple times.

Dahms is charged with one count of intentional homicide and two counts of attempted homicide. The trial is expected to last throughout the week. We will continue to bring you updates on Newsline 9 and WAOW.com.

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