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Dahms murder trial continues; victims testify


Kenneth Dombrowski took the stand on three of Tyler Dahms's murder trial. Dombrowski owns the Portage County property where Karen Dombrowski was stabbed to death and he and his brother were wounded. 

Kenneth Dombrowski testified that he had only known Dahms for about a week. His daughter Nicole was friends with him. 

Dombrowski testified that Dahms was being antagonistic all day, "flipping him [Dombrowski] off from the trailer." 

Dombrowski said that it was hard for him to remember the sequence of events. Dombrowski said he thought he was going to die. 

Micheal Dombrowski also took the stand Wednesday. He said that he doesn't remember much from the day of the murder. Michael said he and Ken went to check on someone that had flipped off Michael's wife; he didn't know Dahms at the time. Michael Dombrowski said he remembers a lot of hollering and then being on the ground. He said he doesn't remember being stabbed or fracturing his ankle. 

Newsline 9 has a crew in the Portage County courthouse and will have the latest details as they become available. 
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