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UPDATE: Victims, detectives and doctors testify at Tyler Dahms trial


PORTAGE COUNTY (WAOW) -- On the third day of his trial, two of Tyler Dahms' alleged victims took the stand.

Dahms has been charged with killing Karen Dombrowski and trying to kill her husband, Michael and brother-in-law, Kenneth. The brothers took the stand on Wednesday, describing what they remembered about that day. Although both admitted they couldn't recall exactly what happened.

"I thought a beer bottle or something got smashed over my head," said Kenneth. "All of the sudden, I felt blood just gushing down my face."

"We were hollering at each other and then I remember I was laying on the ground," said Michael.

The state rested its case on Wednesday afternoon. Then two witnesses took the stand for Dahms' defense. One witness was Katie Platta, who has been living in the property next to the one Kenneth owns for her entire life. When asked about the Dombrowski family reputation, she didn't want to say but the judge told her she needed to.

"I'm kind of afraid to answer that," said Platta.

"Well, you're going to have to," said the judge.

"What is that reputation [of the Dombrowski's]?" asked Dahms' attorney Anne Renc.

"They're known for violence," said Platta.

Dahms is expected to take the stand in his own defense on Thursday.

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Two doctors testified during Wednesday's trial. Dr. Samuel Picone works in the trauma department at St. Joseph's. He took care of Michael after the stabbing. He said he characterized Michael's wounds as a Level 1 Trauma, which is the most serious classification. He said Michael had four stab wounds to his chest and his lung collapsed. He said each of those injuries were "life-threatening." Dr. Jennine Larson works in the trauma department at Aspirus in Wausau. She tended to Kenneth after the stabbing. She said Kenneth's injuries were also life-threatening, calling them a "Level Red," which is the most serious level at that hospital. She testified that she found small chips of bone fragments near the base of Kenneth's skull. Dr. Larson said it must have taken a pretty impressive force to do that. She also testified that one of Kenneth's stab wounds was about seven inches deep.

Detective Nick Griesbach, who works with the Portage County Sheriff's department, took the stand on Wednesday as well. He said he found the knife in Dahms' truck. He said Dahms confirmed it was the one he used to stab the three Dombrowskis. Griesbach said when he interviewed Dahms, his story was inconsistent at times. Griesbach said when Dahms found out Karen was dead, he started crying. He testified that Dahms said he was just trying to scare the Dombrowskis. Griesbach said Dahms was cooperative with the investigation and told officers he stabbed the Dombrowski's out of self-defense.

Robert Corliss, a forensic pathologist from Madison, did Karen's autopsy. He said Karen had three wounds -- one in her hip, another in her chest and a third across her temple and ear. All three were on the left side of her body. Corliss said Karen's blood alcohol concentration was 0.089 at the time of the autopsy.

Detective Joshua Ostrowski also works with the Portage County Sheriff's department. He interviewed Dahms and said he gave about six or seven different descriptions of what happened during the stabbing incident. He testified that as they went along, his descriptions became more detailed. Ostrowski said when he spoke with him, Dahms' answers were coherent and it didn't appear that he'd been drinking.

Carrie Wierzba took the stand in Dahms' defense. She was Dahms' boss at a pheasant farm in Portage County. She said after the incident, Dahms came to her house and told her he was scared and needed help. She said he looked distraught and pale and wasn't wearing a shirt. She said he was crying when he got there and she tried to calm him down. She said she is a close friend with the Dahms family.

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