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UPDATE: Jury deliberation will continue on Monday for Tyler Dahms trial


A Portage County man accused of murder will have to wait until next week to find out his fate. Jurors for the trial of 20-year-old Tyler Dahms did not come to an agreement on Friday. The judge excused the jury at 6PM and they will be in recess until Monday morning. The jury needs to make a unanimous decision about the verdict.

The murder trial of 20-year-old Tyler Dahms is now in the hands of a jury. Dahms is charged with one count of first degree intentional homicide and two counts of attempted homicide. 

Portage County assistant district attorney David Knaapen gave the prosecution's closing statement. He reminded the jury of Dahms' testimony when he said after he stabbed Michael Dombrowski, he knew he would stab Karen and Kenneth Dombrowski too. Karen died as a result of the stabbing. Michael was her husband. 

Knaapen asked jurors to consider whether they thought Dahms' scratches on his neck and shoulders showed a level of imminent danger that would warrant the stabbing. He also said Dahms made a conscious decision to stab the Dombrowskis. 

"You want to talk about being practically certain of the result of your conduct? You take a three inch blade and drive it seven inches into another person," said Knaapen. 

Knaapen showed the jury a picture of Karen and left it on the DA's table, facing the jury, for the rest of the court proceedings. 

Defense attorney James Lex said Dahms had been acting in self defense. He reminds jurors that at the time of the stabbing, Dahms' friends were a distance away from the property so it was "six against one" -- the three Dombrowskis and their three friends who had been with them that day and Dahms on his own. Lex said Dahms' adrenaline must have been off the charts when he saw the group come toward him. 

"Is there anybody that believes Tyler's going to be able to talk his way out of this? They're not coming up there to be nice," said Lex. "Is there anybody that thinks he's going to be able to push and shove his way out of this?" 

Lex reminded the jurors of the height and weight of the Dombrowski brothers -- Michael said he was 6'0" and 220 pounds. Kenneth said he was 6'2" and 260 pounds. 

The judge also told jurors the blood alcohol content for some of the people involved in the case. Kenneth's BAC was 0.11 when he was tested. Dahms' was 0.106 and during her autopsy, Karen's was 0.089. 

Jurors will decide whether Dahms is guilty of 1st degree intentional homicide, 2nd degree intentional homicide or 1st degree reckless homicide in the death of Karen Dombrowski. They could also find him not guilty if they feel he stabbed her out of self defense. They will also decide if Dahms is guilty of 1st or 2nd degree attempted homicide for each Dombrowski brother. They can also find Dahms not guilty of those charges for reasons of self defense. The jury is made up of four men and eight women. They started deliberating around noon on Friday.  


Closing arguments have wrapped up in the Tyler Dahms trial.

The case is now in the hands of the jury.



Tyler Dahms has taken the stand in his own defense in his Portage County trial. Dahms has been charged with murdering Karen Dombrowski and trying to kill Kenneth and Michael Dombrowski on May 15, 2011.

During his testimony, he talked about an argument that broke out between the Dombrowskis and his friends when his shirt was ripped that afternoon. He said he had come back to Nicole Dombrowski's trailer after a cookout and he flipped the bird and yelled an expletive at the group of adults at the poleshed. He said he was scared and confused and didn't realize people would get so violent because of yelling.

Dahms admitted to stabbing the Dombrowskis. He said right before that incident, he saw Michael, Karen and Kenneth coming pretty quickly toward him, in that order. He said he didn't know if he would make it out of the situation.

Dahms testified that after he went to the police station, pictures were taken of him. He said he had scratches and bruises on his back and neck. He admitted to inconsistencies in his interviews with detectives that day and the day after, saying he "lied quite a bit" in his statements.

The defense has rested. The attorneys are slated to give their closing arguments on Friday morning.

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