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Proposed bill could change things on the slopes

RIB MOUNTAIN (WAOW) --  As Eric Escher flies down the hill at Granite Peak Ski Resort, getting hurt is the last thing on his mind.

"I love it. But, I always know breaking a leg can always happen," Escher said.

Under current law if he did get hurt, the ski resort could be at fault. But, a new bill would change that, putting the blame in the hands of the skier.

"Most people already understand the risks. This spells it out," State Senator Pam Galloway said.

Galloway says the new bill would benefit ski operators and allow them to lower costs as their liability goes down.

But, not everyone agrees. Under the proposed bill, ski operators would no longer have to maintain certain safety precautions.  Precautions one attorney says are necessary.

"Parents shouldn't have to worry about their children being safe because some ski hill operator was negligent to meet a reasonable standard of care," Attorney Christine Bremer Muggli said.

Plus, she says the bill isn't even needed.

But, Granite Peak's owner like the idea of shifting responsibility to the skier.  He says it won't make anyone less safe on the hill.  

"It will just clearly let everyone know what their responsibility is and what the responsibility of the ski resort it," Charles Skinner said. 

 And as for Eric Escher, no matter what the law is, he says he'll be out there.

"People are going to do it no matter what because they love the sport," Escher said.


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