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Thief with hand in cookie jar

WAUSAU (WAOW)--Wausau police are on the lookout for a thief with a hand in the cookie jar. Investigators say they got a call about a business break-in at Washington Square in Wausau.   The business owner reported  someone broke into her office and walked out with 2 cartons of Girl Scout cookies (containing 24 boxes). The value of the cookies is estimated at about $84.

    The owner of the business is Rosemary Barnes. On Monday, Barnes spotted something out of place in her office. "I noticed some cases of Girl Scout cookies missing. I buy cookies by the case from my granddaughter and local girls. I like to have lots of cookies around so I can put them out for my clients."

   Anyone who visits Barnes' office will see a plate of cookies on the counter welcome visitors. The thief noticed too. Barnes says," Whoever did this pretty much cleaned off the plate.. eating about a dozen or two cookies. Anyone,  who eats that many cookies has to have stomach ache.

 Word of the thief with sticky fingers spread quickly, thanks to  social networking sites. The story got sweeter and  morphed into someone stealing cookies from a young girl scout.. or from  a mom trying to help her daughter with the confectionary sales.

At the heart of the cookie caper, is a business break-in Wausau police must now investigate.

Lt. Ben Blivens says, "It's a burglary a theft. So we now have to try to talk with people and see if there is surveillance tape to  gather evidence."  

  As for Rosemary, she hopes the case  involving cases of her cookies is solved. And as a long time Girl Scout she hopes the publicity gets more people in our area to buy girl scout cookies. "That's a positive thing the community can do to help young girls grow into positive women."

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