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Upcoming whale movie has Wisconsin ties

(WAOW) -- An upcoming movie has ties to a local business. "The Big Miracle"  is the story of a 1988 whale rescue in Alaska, which Kasco Marine leaders said may not have been possible without their de-icers.

"There were three whales that were stranded and they were trying to get to open water so they could breathe," said Kasco Marine fisheries biologist Bob Robinson.

When an area company -- Kasco Marine -- saw rescuers in Alaska treading water in 1988, workers were ready to dive in and help out. Even though initially, the team didn't even want them there.

"They were uninvited," said Robinson. "There were multiple phone calls and the last phone call, someone up there basically hung up the phone on our guys. The guys just took the initiative to run up there with two de-icers and were persistent while they were trying to do these other ice-breaking methods and none of them proved to be fruitful."

Kasco Marine makes de-icers, which bring warm water to the surface. Company leaders said they brought 17 to Alaska from their Minnesota-based business. Now, the company calls Prescott home. Officials there said it was a tough project, but well worth the effort.

"There were obstacles, not to mention the negative 30 degrees and the fact that you had to cut through the ice that was maybe three and a half feet deep with a chainsaw but they were able to overcome them and get the whales to safety," said Robinson.

After Kasco Marine's success in Alaska, company officials said their business grew.

"From that, we have become a Wisconsin-based company that is selling not only through North America but internationally," said Robinson.

Kasco Marine representatives said some of the people involved in the effort got to go to Washington D.C. last year for the movie's premiere. And their 1982 workers will be immortalized on the silver screen.

"I think they also are portraying our guys in a kind of a comedy type setting where they're giving them kind of a Fargo, North Dakota accent, which will be interesting," said Robinson.

The movie will remind them of a whale of a tale that they'll remember for many more decades to come.

"The Big Miracle" opens on Friday at movie theaters around the country.

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