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UltraCom - Earn, Redeem. Enjoy. Repeat.

Penny phone for any user. Get a free phone whether you're looking for a basic phone, messaging, or Smartphone. We have what you're looking for!

Whether you're new to U.S. Cellular® or a long time customer, signing up for a simplified Belief Plan means you can start earning points towards a variety of phones, accessories and more with our Rewards Program.

You can also use Reward Points to get Faster Phone Upgrades in as little as 10 months, compared to up to two years with competitors.


If you are an existing U.S. Cellular Customer, switching to a Belief Plan means:

  • Benefiting from all of the advantages of The Belief Project
  • Your current contract length does not change
  • You will start to earn points every month to use for a variety of rewards
  • To switch to a Belief Plan:
    Dial 1-888-944-9400
    Earn Points       
    Ways to Earn Points
    Belief Plans          
    • You'll earn points each month just for being on a Belief plan. View our Plans page to see how many points each Belief plan earns.
    Refer a Friend          
    • You'll earn 1,000 points when someone you referred to U.S. Cellular signs up for new service and registers in My Account. That person will also earn 1,000 points for their own account.
    Attend A Device Workshop          
    • You'll earn 250 points for taking part in a device workshop at one of our stores. Bring a friend who's currently with another wireless provider and earn an additional 500 points.
    Online Survey          
    • You'll earn 250 points for completing the online survey in My Account.
    Membership Tenure          
    • You'll earn a tenure bonus of 150 points every six months just for staying on your Belief plan. After 3 years of membership, this bonus increases to 200 points every six months. Business customers can earn even more.
    Using My Contacts Backup          
    • You'll earn 50 points when you register for the My Contacts Backup App on your device.
    Download Daily Perks          
    • You'll earn 50 points when you download our Daily Perks App and answer 3 customization questions.
    Birthday Bonus          
    • You'll earn 50 points just for having a birthday while you're a U.S. Cellular customer.
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