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In-depth: Concealed Carry Wisconsin


The Wisconsin Department of Justice has been swamped with requests for concealed carry permits.

Since the law went into effect in November, the DOJ reports it received over 80,000 permit requests and approved nearly 70,000.

DOJ Administrator Brian O' Keefe says workers at the DOJ struggled to keep up not only because of the permits requests but due to the increasing number of people buying guns.

"We are seeing about 10,000 purchase checks come in a month. The DOJ Hotline workers have to process those too, and have just 48 hours to get it done," said O'Keefe.

The DOJ has added staff to handle processing the permits.

Wisconsin's concealed carry license for guns, pepper spray and has several requirements. The fee is $50. You must be 21, pass a background check, provide proof you took a firearms training course.

The Attorney General recently created a stir by having the Department of Justice issue an emergency rule, requiring applicants to take 4 hours of training.  The NRA and others voiced concerns about the time requirement. It is now on hold, but the state still requires proof of some firearms training to get a permit.

At North Central Technical College, 300 people have taken the concealed carry courses. The Dean of Public Safety, Bryce Kolpack says, "The training the state requires doesn't require any interactive training. We do have that here, where the gun owner is holding an actual firearm."

The simulators put you with an intense confrontational situation using sound and video. You have to make split second decisions on pulling the trigger. 

"A lot of our training is based on decision making if you are going to conceal and carry a firearm," said Kolpack.

A Milwaukee permit holder faced that decision last week, shooting and wounding one of two robbers in an Aldi's grocery store. The store was posted off limits to concealed weapons.

Police say the permit holder man is unlikely to face charges since he and others in the store faced imminent danger. 

For more information on state requirements for a permit, visit


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