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12-year-old boy saves grandmother's house


STEVENS POINT (WAOW) --  2549 Blaine Street in Stevens Point is more than just a house.  It's a lifetime of memories and family history.

"My grandfather bought it when it was just that wall and two rooms, that's it," Homeowner Janice Sparhawk said.

And now, thanks to 12-year- old Noah Lamaide, those memories can continue.

"I remember coming here and she would always play with me," Noah said.

Two years ago Noah started a web site to help people still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. But, after his grandmother got sick and fell behind on her bills, Noah knew he needed to do something.  So, he put her story on his web site and asked for help.

"I never knew that there were so many good people in this world," Noah said.

In just a few weeks, Noah had raised over $10,000 from people across the country. More than enough to help his grandmother save her home.

"It has restored my faith in people," Sparhawk said.

But this isn't just about the house. Noah's grandmother is also a foster parent. She's taken care of more than 100 children throughout the years.  And she plans to start again. And now, those children will have a home.

"She has helped so many other people in her life, taken in so many children and made their lives better," Noah said.

Now, Noah's grandmother has just one thing left to say to her grandson, thank you.

"I called our local representative, the governor, the president, not asking for money but asking them to help me find a program and they couldn't do it. But this 12-year-old could. He saved the house," Sparhawk said as she started to tear up.

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