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Bouche Park Resident: "I don't want to move"


KRONNENWETTER (WAOW)-- There are new developments for the future of a mobile home park in Kronenwetter.

The Village of Kronenwetter recently told the owner of Bouche's Bonesetter Park to make improvements to the property, or the village would revoke his license.

On Tuesday, AnchorBank issued a foreclosure notice to park residents.

James Brown, and his wife Elaine, have lived in the Bouche Kronenwetter Park for 13 years.
The couple was at home when the foreclosure notice arrived. The Browns hoped to retire at the park, but now, their future is up in the air.

 "We're thinking about moving if we have to move, but we don't know where yet," said Brown. "It depends on what it costs."

Newsline 9 attempted to reach Randy Bouche, the park's owner, but were unsuccessful

Kronenwetter city officials say the bank's decision doesn't come as a surprise.

AnchorBank officials declined to comment.

Some village leaders hope the bank's decision will bring in a new buyer for the park. Village leaders say they have received several inquires about the park. But say right now, we have to wait and see.
Online Reporter: Nate Barrett

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