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Made in Wisconsin: New Roots Coffee Company


TOWN OF EASTON (WAOW)-- Studies show the average American drinks three cups of coffee a day. But for one area man, creating the perfect blend is an art.

Joseph Zimmerman is the owner of New Roots Coffee Company, a business he started after being unimpressed with the area's variety. 

"It's a huge adventure," said Zimmerman, who had his first taste of espresso in college.

"I automatically ordered the least expensive thing on the menu, which was a shot of espresso, and I was just amazed when I took this tiny little cup and I thought, what the heck is this?"

Little did he know, coffee would become his life's work. After taking some roasting classes and studying under an expert coffee roaster in Madison, Zimmerman decided to venture out on his own.

He doesn't have his own cafe, but roasts his coffee in his basement twice a week. Then, he sells the beans to local restaurants and grocery stores.

"Its really a love affair because there is always something new to discover," Zimmerman said of the roasting process.

Adding to the adventure, he buys beans from all over the world and roasts them to bring out the boldest and brightest flavors. "A bunch of different roasters can take the same coffee and roast it different ways and make different things out of it," he said.

Zimmerman said carefully cooking these beans is an art and the possibilities are endless. By cooking the beans for a certain length of time, you can bring out different flavors, like chocolate or floral notes.

Zimmerman's roasts can be found at several central Wisconsin restaurants, including Cafe 27 in Stevens Point. 

"It's the flavor," said the cafe's Co-Owner Tom Wolf of New Roots' appeal. "There has been occasions where, you know, the demand was so great we ran out so we meet half way between Wausau and Stevens Point and we exchange bags of coffee."

High demand, for more than just a morning jolt.

You can find New Roots Coffee beans at Trig's and Downtown Grocery in Wausau. For a fresh brewed cup of Zimmerman's unique blends, head to Red Eye Brewing Company, the Wright Place or Basil.

You can learn more about New Roots by visiting the company's website:

Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton

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