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UPDATE: Car crashes into patrol car in Weston


MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW) -- On Tuesday morning, two different area squad cars were involved in crashes in Marathon County. Officers said crashes like these are more common than you may think.

One lieutenant said he knows at least nine officers whose cars have been hit while they were responding to a scene. Most recently -- this morning around 7AM.

Marathon County deputies responded to a call Tuesday morning, after a car rolled over on Highway 29 -- near County Road J in Weston. Shortly after they got there -- another car crashed into their squad car.

"Luckily the deputy was not in his vehicle at the time or getting into it because if that was happening, there would have been serious injury," said Marathon County Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Dale Wisnewski. "But he was off to the side of the road with the motorist of the previous crash."

Everest Metro police officers came to the scene as well.

"Some person was going too fast for conditions and ended up striking the rear of our squad," said Wisnewski.

Wisnewski said slick streets may have played a role in the crash. He said drivers need to remember to keep their foot on the brakes when they see flashing lights.

"It's so surprising when you have a situation where you have two squads, a vehicle rolled over and traffic still does not slow down," said Wisnewski. "This is the end result."

Authorities said other Marathon County roads have earned reputations for dangerous driving conditions, especially when winter weather hits.

"[Highway] 51, Brokaw, Rib River, those are always notorious for us getting crashes in that area whenever there's a snow storm," said Wisnewski.

Regardless of the season, officers said they hope people will pay close attention to what's going on -- to help keep everyone safe.

The State Patrol is coordinating the investigation. At this point, no charges have been filed.

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