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POOL REPORT: Presidential visit to Master Lock in Milwaukee


11:31: POTUS lands at Mitchell International Airport at 11:31 am. He will visit Master Lock in Milwaukee.

12:41: Gov. Walker plans to give POTUS a Majestic Brewers jersey. It says Obama on the back. The number is 1.

12:56: As Mayor Tom Barrett and Gov. Scott Walker waiting for POTUS, Walker showed media the Obama jersey, which had the Number 1 on the back. Joked Barrett of Walker: "He's endorsing him today. A big endorsement." POTUS greeted Walker, who preSented him with the jersey. They shook hands. POTUS then greeted U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore and Barrett. Looked to be a friendly exchange from afar. POTUS then went to a receiving line of 70 or so onlookers and Obama spent time with them.

12:54: Before POTUS spoke, Master Lock CEO John Heppner spoke to employees. He said the company had come a long way after tough times. "This is our special day," Heppner said. As several hundred employees waited, the White House poster in a bleacher area stated: "An America Built To Last." When POTUS speaks, the Wisconsin blue flag is behind him to his left, and the American flag is behind him to his right. There appears to be a sizable number of union members. Master Lock is represented by Local 469 of the United Auto Workers. POTUS was greeted by loud applause at 12:51."Hello, Milwaukee."POTUS introduced Mayor Tom Barrett and US Rep Gwen Moore and a few UAW members. He also thanked Master Lock CEO John Heppner.

1:06: Speaking at the south plant at the Master Lock complex, POTUS said the automobile industry was back. "What's happening in Detroit can happen in other industries," POTUS said. He added "Made in America. That's our goal ," POTUS said. POTUS pointed out that the Master Lock plant was operating at full capacity. Earlier, POTUS pointed out that the tour of the plant reminded him of his school days when he needed locks for his locker. He said he couldn't always remember his combination. "I was giving you guys a lot of business," POTUS said.

1:25: POTUS spoke for approximately 25 minutes. He sounded the themes as outlined in his advance remarks. He expressed optimism for the economy, saying 3.7 million jobs had been created in the last 23 months. "We are moving in the right direction," POTUS said. "We will rebuild this economy so it lasts."

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