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UPDATE: New Wood Co. 911 tape part of missing man investigation


Investigators say a 911 call may be connected to a missing Wood County man. They say the call came in the morning of Greg Senn's disappearance, and that it was never reported. The dispatcher who took that call has now been suspended.

It's been more than a month since 29-year-old Greg Senn went missing. But just this week, police learned for a 911 call from a man who may have seen Senn the morning he disappeared.

Now the dispatcher who took the call is suspended and officials are looking for answers.

"We would have thought that we would have, first of all, been dispatched to that call if there was such a call and second we thought we would have learned that through the last month," Grand Rapids Police Chief Dave Lewandowski said.

Officers discovered the call this week, when they were talking to the caller about an unrelated matter. That's when he mentioned the 911 call from weeks earlier.

"He replied, I called 911 that morning and I was just wondering if you ever found him," Lewandowski said.

Officials say the call came in at 6:25 the morning of January 14. That was 16 hours before Senn's family reported him missing.

Officials say the man didn't speak English very well, but they were able to pinpoint the location he was talking about.

Police say they believe if they were dispatched to the area the caller mentioned, things would have been different.

"If we were dispatched there, the officer would have probably made contact with Mr. Senn and then aided him to where he needed to go safely," Lewandowski said.

But what if the dispatcher had later come forward?

"I don't believe if we would have found out even a day or two after that it would have made any difference," said Lewandowski.

Officials are not releasing the dispatcher's name right now. Police say they'll continue looking for Senn. As for the dispatcher--he will be interviewed about the call before dispatch officials make any decisions. 

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