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New technology at Central Wisconsin Airport


MOSINEE (WAOW) -- Security changes were unveiled on Wednesday at the Central Wisconsin Airport. Now before boarding, passengers will walk through a new machine.

The device uses electromagnetic waves -- which are harmless to people -- to check for hidden threats. Airport officials said it eliminates one major concern from the past. Passengers around the country said they were uncomfortable having a picture of their body scanned. Instead -- a generic outline shows up on a screen, with potential problem areas highlighted.

"All you'll see is an orange patch that's going to show the area of concern, which would be either a weapon or explosive device, which is what they're looking for," said CWA director Tony Yaron.

There are about 600 of these machines installed so far around the country. TSA leaders said about 99% of passengers walk through. You can still opt out if you want -- but would need to get a pat-down instead.

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