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UPDATE: Sentencing date set for man found guilty of kidnapping, sexual assault


JULY 20, 2012 UPDATE - Timothy Grandison will be sentenced July 27th at 1:30pm in Marathon County court.  

FEBRUARY 17, 2012 - Jurors found Timothy Grandison guilty on 9 charges, including two counts of sexual assault and one count of kidnapping. Grandison was found not guilty on three charges, including armed robbery.

Deliberation lasted for more than 5 hours.

FEBRUARY 17, 2012 - A jury started deliberating around 6:30 PM in the assault case of a Marathon County man. Timothy Grandison faces 12 charges, including two counts of sexual assault and one count each of kidnapping, armed robbery and obstructing an officer.

The prosecutors argue that the physical evidence doesn't lie. The deputy district attorney played a part of the alleged victim's 911 tape, reminding jurors to consider the way she sounded at the time. The attorney told jurors the alleged victim said she relives that day every day.

The defense argues that the alleged victim was actually the defendant's partner in crime. Grandison told the court on Friday that they were going to split the money they planned to steal from the hotel. But the defense attorney said things didn't work out according to plan.

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A Marathon County man says his alleged victim in a 2010 assault case was supposed to be his partner in crime.

Timothy Grandison took the stand in the fifth day of his trial. He's been charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault and one count each of kidnapping, armed robbery and obstructing an officer.

Defense attorney John Wallace asked the defendant about allegations that Grandison hogtied his victim during the events on October 25 at the Rib Mountain Best Western where they both worked.

"Her being tied up, it's not true," said Grandison. "She didn't get tied up in there. I don't know why she would say something like that. It was supposed to look like a robbery. No one got hurt."

Grandison said if he had actually hogtied the victim, she would not have been able to get out. According to a criminal complaint, the victim said Grandison tied her up with a mouse cord and an extension cord.

After midnight on October 25, 2010, Grandison said he needed to order turkey for a party at the hotel so he went to the front desk twice to borrow money. Later that morning, he said met up with the alleged victim while she was doing bookkeeping in the hotel. He testified that they came up with a plan to take money from the hotel and split it between them. In order to make it look like they were robbed, Grandison said they cut the money bags with a kitchen knife. Grandison worked as a cook at the hotel. He had just started working full-time at that location earlier that month.

Grandison told the court about sexual activity between himself and the alleged victim, but said she consented to it. He also told the court they were using cocaine at various times that day. He said after the alleged assault, they planned to meet up at a gas station.

"She was supposed to come and meet me with the money and the bags," said Grandison. "We were going to get rid of the bags and if anybody found them, the only thing they were going to know is they were cut."

Grandison said if he actually wanted to commit an armed robbery, he wouldn't have left the alleged victim behind with the money. Police said after Grandison left the hotel, the victim called 911 and authorities came to look for him. Authorities said he ran from them and eventually tracked him down near Highway 51.

Prosecuting attorney Theresa Wetzsteon asked Grandison about a timeline on the day of the alleged assault. She also asked him questions about his cell phone activity throughout the day.

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