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Made in Wisconsin: Volae Recumbent Bicycles

STEVENS POINT (WAOW)-- There's a unique way of biking that's keeping cyclists on the road, and it's made in Stevens Point. Rolf Garthus is the owner and designer behind Volae Recumbent Bicycles.

"I've been biking all my life," he told Newsline 9, but for the past 20 years, he's been hitting the road a little bit differently. After years of riding upright, he began to feel the strain.

"In my case it was neck pain," he said.

Garthus didn't want to give up his favorite activity, so he turned to the recumbent, a more laid-back style of riding that takes pressure off the neck and back. "100 percent of the time that I'm out there I've got that aerodynamic advantage without the pain, and with a much nicer view."

He loved the view so much, he wanted to share it with others. In 2003, Garthus created his own style called Volae. 

"My goal was to take a few of my own ideas and mix them with a variety of ideas from different bikes and put them all together," he said.

The Hostel Shoppe, also owned by Garthus, rolls out about 150 bikes a year. Each one takes about two hours to assemble. Garthus said recumbents are easy to use, you just have to get used to it. "People are amazed at how easy it is to learn to ride."

"You can see everything so much better," said recumbent rider Mike Zurawski. He's been riding a Volae since 2004. Now, he says he could never go back.

"That's our mission is to get people biking and get them exercising. Provide people with an enjoyable way to exercise that they'll actually do," said Garthus.

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Online Reporter: Bonnie Shelton


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