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Rep. Sean Duffy reacts to stimulus package

WAUSAU (WAOW) --  The economy looks to be on the mend. The Dow is 100 points away from 13,000. A task that hasn't happened since May 2008.  And, the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits is the lowest its been in four years.

Congressman Sean Duffy says, that's good news. But, he's not giving credit to the President. Or, to the $862 billion stimulus package.

"We saw the promises made. The low unemployment rate, the millions of jobs created. But three years after that money is spent and we aren't seeing any of that," Duffy said.

But, what about General Motors? Two years ago the multi-billion dollar company filed for bankruptcy. Now, it's announcing the biggest profit in history, after getting a bail-out from the stimulus package.


So, we asked the congress man....How can you say the stimulus isn't working when they're signs that it is?

"Listen, lets be clear," Duffy told Newsline 9. "That money was gone a year ago. So any recovery today doesn't come from that."

Duffy goes on to say that, "When you spend that much money, invest that much into something you are bound to get some positive impacts."

Aside from the direct effects of the stimulus package, economists say they're other positive economic signs, such as lower unemployment rates and job growth.

But, Duffy says, that isn't enough.

"How fast would that growth be if we didn't have all the rules and regulations, and the threat of uncertainty," Duffy said.

But, no matter how you look at it, there is one thing many agree on; the economy has started to move in the right direction.

"I don't think you can keep the good American economy down," Duffy concluded.

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