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Eye opening interview with ABC'S Bill Weir

WAUSAU (WAOW)--Nightline Anchor Bill Weir, who is from Milwaukee,  is talking about what he saw during a trip to China. Weir is the first reporter to be invited to go inside Foxconn in China. This a  factory where popular Apple products are made.

   Recently, the company  has come under fire for the conditions workers deal with on a daily basis. Long hours, intense pressure and low pay are some of the things Weir heard workers talk about.

  Outside the plant, he saw "suicide nets" which the company put up following a rash of worker suicides. Since then, the company has made counseling available to workers and increased pay.

   Still, is this enough? It is a question Weir tries to answer in iFactory: Inside Apple. You can see it Tuesday night, February 21st following Newsline 9 at 10.

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