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Lawmakers: Law won't let us redraw voter maps


A trial to determine whether the state's new election maps are constitutional has been delayed by a number of issues, including an assertion by lawmakers that the state Constitution prevents them from making changes to the maps approved last year.

A panel of three federal judges asked both sides Tuesday to spend the day determining whether lawmakers would consider drawing new maps to address concerns of Democrats and an immigrant-rights group.

 Attorney Daniel Kelly said the state Constitution only allows lawmakers to draw new voter lines once every 10 years, and the issue can't be revisited until the next U.S. Census numbers are out.

 An attorney for the plaintiffs disagreed, saying state law only requires that new voter maps be completed in the first legislative session. He says this first legislative session hasn't ended.

That matter is only a secondary issue for now. The judges will decide Wednesday whether Jim Troupis, an attorney for lawmakers, can be deposed. Troupis' name surfaced in emails linked to the voter-map issue, but he has said his communications are protected by attorney-client privilege.


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