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Wausau FD: "I wouldn't recommend driving on the ice"


WAUSAU (WAOW)--The weather may soon be changing reminding us what winter is all about. But so far, temperatures have been unseasonably warm.That has made life in Central Wisconsin a bit different this winter.

Nancy's Jamar's Bar in Wausau is a popular destination for snowmobilers, but this unusual winter has kept nearby trails closed.

Owner Nancy Prahl tells Newsline 9, despite a lack of snowmobiles in her parking lot, this warm weather actually has some benefits.

"Not having the expenses of plowing, sanding, salting, shoveling," says Prahl. "The heat bill has also been a little bit lower."

Prahl also says the mild winter brings in customers who would normally stay indoors. And she's not the only one benefiting from the spring-like temperatures.

The Marathon County Highway Department has used 25 percent less salt this winter, than the average for the past five years.

But the warm weather has also caused problems. A truck in Rib Mountain crashed through the ice on Tuesday. Firefighters say it's a warning for everyone.

A spokesperson for the Wausau Fire Department tells Newsline 9 he wouldn't recommend driving on the ice.

Several inches of snow are expected this weekend, but fire officials say that's doesn't necessarily help the conditions on the ice.

Online Reporter: Nate Barrett

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