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Text messages between Chadima, employee released


WAOW's Madison sister station 27 News now has the text messages some called "concerning," exchanged between former UW Athletics administrator John Chadima and what is presumed to be a student worker.

A report from January looking into Chadima's alleged misconduct mentioned he sent messages demanding a student to go to his suite and threatening to fire him if the student did not.

27 News got texts messages from the day before what was known as the "B team" party, a Rose Bowl party Chadima put on for people in the Athletic Department working behind the scenes during the trip to California.

The day before a party where Chadima was accused of misconduct, at 1:06 a.m. of December 30, Chadima texted, "you are fired. sending you home on a greyhound tomorrow."

Our records don't show who got the messages, but a university panel review said Chadima sent such messages to a student worker.

The person responded, laughing and joking about transferring to Pitt.

Chadima texted, "before i was kidding, but now i am serious... U need to leave first thing tomorrow."

He goes on to threaten to fire the student again unless the student gets to Chadima's hotel suite.

The threat is similar to what a student worker reported Chadima saying after he allegedly touched a student inappropriately.

UW-Madison Vice Chancellor Vince Sweeney said he's not sure about the text messages.

"The context was not clear whether it was a meaningful statement, a threatening statement or if it was part of a joke, part of a conversation so we don't know the context of the text messages that took place," Sweeney said.

But in his review of the alleged misconduct, former Dane County Circuit Court Judge Patrick Fiedler said whether it's a joke or not, the language Chadima used is alarming.

The university withheld most of the information on the 18 pages of text messages.

The last text shown was at 9:47 p.m. saying, "Happy B-team party John!"

Campus police and Fiedler are still investigating two other allegations against Chadima.

"The chancellor's view is we need to wait and see what those reports say to determine what the next steps in the process will be," Sweeney said.

The review the university released on the allegations at the Rose Bowl, said the student who got the text messages would not talk with the panel investigating.

It did not explain why that was the case.

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