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Activists: Homs being destroyed 'inch by inch'

BEIRUT (AP) -- According to accounts from the Syrian city of Homs, the city is being destroyed "inch by inch" in the continuing assault by Syrian government forces on the city that is a center of the 11-month-old uprising.

Residents are risking sniper fire or shelling to hunt for dwindling supplies of bread and canned food on the streets. One activist says long lines can form even at rumors of food or fuel for heaters.

Residents say 70 percent of the area is now uninhabitable in harsh winter weather, with temperatures dipping close to freezing on some nights. Walls have collapsed, and windows are shattered from shells that fall as often as two-a-minute during some of the heaviest barrages.

Syria's state-run media is offering a different version of events. It's running photos that purport to show markets full of food in Homs. The reports call the claims about food shortages "fabricating lies."

Hundreds of civilians have died in recent weeks in Homs, Syria's third-largest city. Two Western journalists were among those killed yesterday. Activists say bodies are buried wherever people can find space, and that the wounded are too scared to try to reach government-controlled hospitals. They say clothing thread is being used in some places after surgical sutures ran out.

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