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Inside drain tunnel, black bear welcomes two cubs


TOWN OF VESPER (WAOW) --  Last time we saw the black bear, she was sleeping peacefully inside a drain tunnel. But now, she's not alone. Two cubs are also sharing the unusual home.

"I would guess these guys are probably eight to nine pounds," DNR Wildlife Biologist Wayne Hall said. "About the size of a poodle."

But Momma bear isn't happy. While Newsline 9 never disclosed the location of the bear's home, except to mention the town name, neighbors say her once peaceful dwelling has now become a tourist attraction. And all the attention is taking its toll on her two new cubs.

"The key is not to get between her and her cubs. She'll be as protective as she needs to be. If you start crawling in there she will get really aggressive with you," Hall said.

After consulting the DNR, our camera did not invade her space. But, we did want to know what these tiny creatures looked like. So, we asked the experts.

"They are nestled right in between her front legs and hind legs. She has made a little semi circle to protect them and keep them warm," Hall explained.

DNR officials say the bear picked the tunnel as a resting place after unusually warm weather.

"She was probably moving around quite late into the year and when the cold temps did come she probably just needed a hole to crawl into," Hall said.

Although she may be a beautiful sight to see, officials are urging everyone to stay away. Including us and our camera.

"Give them the respect that they deserve," Hall said.

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