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Assembly bill for penalizing drunken boaters, snowmobilers, and ATVers stalls

Some Wisconsin legislators are trying to crack down on drunken driving by making tougher laws for boats, snowmobiles, and ATVs.

Current laws say when you are driving intoxicated on recreational vehicles you pay a fine of about six hundred dollars. Assembly Bill 439 aims to do more.

"We're looking at enforcing on the second offense and then the first offense really educating the public," says Louis Molepske, Assembly Democrat of Stevens Point and co-author of the bill. 

But, the bill has yet to get off the ground. It is still waiting on Jerry Petrowski, Assembly Republican representative of Marathon County to help move the bill along. At the moment the bill is still at the committee level. If the bill doesn't get approved by the committee it may die there.

Petrowski says it remains at the committee level because concerns about the bill were not addressed.

"There was some concern by some members on the committee of how the bill was going to deal with personal property and running your atv on your own land," says Petrowski. "And those concerns need to be addressed before any bill can move forward."


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