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Drug bust at Wausau middle school

WAUSAU (WAOW) --  When parents send their kids off to school, they expect them to be in a safe.

But, according to the Department of Public Instruction, eleven drug related incidents were reported at Wausau middle schools, fifty incidents in the entire Wausau School District. And those numbers have created concern.

Jeff Lindell, Director of Pupil Services for the Wausau School District say it is a growing trend across the board.

Officials at the Wausau Police Department said they responded to a call at Horace Mann Middle School late last week, after a school resource officer found a handful of students had small amounts of marijuana.

"We seize all the illegal and dangerous material as quickly as possible to get it away from school environment," Deputy Chief Brian Hilts said.

Police say an officials report has not yet been filed. Authorities say they are still working the details of the case.


But, Wausau School officials say this type of incident is just one example of a district wide problem.

"We have our share," Lindell said. "But our policy is to be up front and honest with students and educate them about the consequences that could await them."

School leaders say the students involved have faced the necessary consequences, but would not elaborate.

"In situations like this, students can either face suspension or expulsion depending on the severity of the crime," Lindell explained.

Even though school leaders are concerned, they say they are taking the steps to educate their students. But say the real education should start at home.

"Parents need to realize this is a growing trend. Make sure parents talk with their kids and explain to them the dangers of drugs and alcohol so they can be part of the approach," Lindell said.

Wausau Police say the report is expected to be filed sometime next week.

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