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Leap Day babies celebrate for first time in four years


PLOVER (WAOW) -- It isn't every year that February has twenty-nine days.  In fact, it only happens every four years.  2012 just happens to be a leap year.  That means people born on this day actually have a birthday on the calendar.

Grace Elizabeth Babl came into the eight years ago today.

Her mom Ann says, "I always said, because my other kids were holiday weekend babies, we either had to have her on Valentine's Day, Leap Day, or we had to wait two more weeks for St. Patrick's Day."

Leap day it was.  Grace was born February 29th, 2004.  But the twenty-ninth isn't always on the calendar.

Think back to the old nursery rhyme.

Thirty days hath September,

April, June, and November,

All the rest have thirty-one,

Save February, with twenty-eight days clear,

And twenty-nine each leap year.

And leap day only comes every four years.

That means while Grace was born eight years ago, she's only had two actual birthdays.  Imagine trying to explain that to a kid.

"I think it was hard for her to understand at first, Ann says.  But we've always said she's just special and she's lucky to have a birthday like that."

She's celebrated at the beach and with friends, usually on the twenty-eighth.

Grace says, "One of my favorites was the pool party."

And she's happy to turn one year older even if she can't always pencil her birthday on the calendar.

"I feel really special because not many people have a Leap Year birthday."

Grace plans to celebrate her big day with a sushi dinner with family then a sleep over this weekend.

Online Reporter: Cami Mountain

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