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Drivers can get ticket for not scraping off windshield


The Marathon County Sheriff's department is warning drivers of slippery roads. Authorities said if you don't have to drive somewhere, you're better off staying home.

Police said if you do need to go out, be careful on the roads. They remind drivers to give themselves extra time and take it slow. If your car is covered in snow from Tuesday night's storms, make sure you clean it off so you have a clear view through your windows. That can help you avoid getting in a crash or getting a ticket.

"Citations can be issued for that and they have been issued in the past for these things," said Marathon County Sheriff's Department Lt. Mark Wages. "Unfortunately a lot of people have a tendency to get lazy about it and they just want to clean off a small section of their windshield out of convenience and they can't see what's going on."

Authorities said they responded to reports of cars that slid off the road early Wednesday morning. They said if you do head out, make sure you wear your seatbelt and take other safety precautions. Lt. Wages said there were six officers patrolling the county through the overnight hours. He said more crews could come out and help them as the day goes on if the weather conditions continue.

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