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Owl catches attention at Almond-Bancroft

ALMOND (WAOW)--Almond-Bancroft School is home to the eagles.  But right now, everyone is talking about Eastern Screech Owls. 

Fifth grader Zachary Helmrick says at recess, he's focused on the school's roof after a fellow student's recent discovery. 

"A second grader thought it was a cat, so we went up to the teacher at recess" Helmrick told Newsline 9. 

That teacher was Denise Upton. 

"And I'm like what?! And so I'm looking and waiting for a cat to be looking down on us and here in the pipe is an owl. And it's like, oh my gosh you guys that is not a cat, it's an owl! Quick get over here, let's all look so the whole line of kids comes storming over, I mean it was amazing."

Spending many afternoons sitting in a drain pipe near the school's roof, the students have fondly named it Piper.  According to fifth grade teacher Cindy Wills, Piper has become a teaching aide. 

"It gives kids and adults the opportunity to develop a love and appreciation for a very specific bird that most people in their lives don't get the chance to see" she said. 

Fifth grader Joseph Marchel agrees.  He says no recess is complete without first checking to see if Piper is there. 

''It's cool because when I go and look at it I never really see owls in real life. Every time I see it its just sitting there" he said.   

Piper is on school property, and schools officials would rather the public not visit school property at times when students are present. 

Newsline 9 has uploaded a photo of Piper provided by Almond-Bancroft to our website waow.com. 

Online Reporter Rob Duns (WAOW)

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