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Touch of Class- Riverview Spinners

They call themselves the Spinners, and for the last 14 years, students at Riverview Elementary School have made jump roping their passion.

They practice every day at recess, two days after school, and sometimes even at lunch.

This traveling team of 3rd-5th graders hones their skills before they visit other schools, preaching fun and exercise.

"I get to start out and talk about it being a heart healthy activity, says Spinners coach Chris Sullivan. "We talk about how we're not perfect, we make mistakes, that's part of the learning process, and it's a little more educational at first, but then we get the show rolling and it's go go go and hopefully we get the kids excited."

One of the Spinners getting the crowd pumped is veteran Laurel Schuck.

She says she loves making up new tricks.

3rd grader Kit Kronberger also loves the creativity allowed with a jump rope.

"It just makes me happy because I feel I can do whatever I want," Kronberger says.

That happiness must come across well, because it often has an immediate impact.

"What's really neat to see is when we get on the bus and leave, usually they have recess, and it's neat to see how many of them go out with a jump rope at that time," Sullivan says.

The Spinners also hold week-long camps at their school for Kindergartners, 1st, and 2nd graders... cultivating the next generation.

They were even willing to help me out... even though I might be a lost cause.

Their dedication to physical fitness and willingness to teach those young, and young at heart, shows they have a Touch of Class.

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