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Granton schools offer healthy breakfast with grant money

GRANTON (WAOW)--The fight against obesity is happening all over our county. But one area school has been recognized for their efforts to serve healthier options, and it has students flocking to the cafeteria for breakfast.

The food director in the Granton School District has always been passionate about healthy eating, but the school simply didn't have the resources to make those foods available. Now, a $19,000 grant has allowed them to change all that.

Christine White says her passion as the food director is to help student eat healthier. But doing so hasn't always been so easy. The kitchen at Granton really needed a makeover.

"Hasn't really been upgraded in 20 years," Granton Food Director Christine White said.

Plus, White wanted to provide healthier options on the breakfast menu. So, she applied for a grant.

"I go, 'what's it going to hurt?' And I'll never forget the day they called and said we got it," White said.

And the Department of Public Instruction awarded her more than $19,000. With that money, the cafeteria got a much needed makeover and so did the breakfast menu.

"We have a lot of stuff, sometimes we have pizza bagels or we will have a variety of fruit and yogurt," Granton middle school student Jill Richmond. 

"We are trying to make the students take a fruit component and a vegetable component and have all of those components instead of getting to choose, 'I just want the most unhealthy thing there,'" Granton Counselor Ashley Magray said.

The grant money has even helped students get involved. School leaders say it has made them more educated about eating right. Each week, students are given a crack at making their own breakfast items.

"They get an idea that they can be in control of their own food," White said.

School leaders say teaching those life skills at a young age is a good thing.

"The earlier you start doing it, the more it becomes a habit and the more time they have to fully understand and see the effects, whether it's good education or good eating habits," Magray said.

The saying is that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Granton school leaders say they have noticed students catching onto that trend with these changes.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch

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