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A step forward for "Read to Lead" program


(WAOW) -- A senate committee has advanced a bill designed to change reading standards for elementary school students in Wisconsin. 

Governor Scott Walker proposed changing the standards earlier this year. The bill has support on both sides of the aisle.

The bill includes the "Read to Lead" program. That will require students to read proficiently by third grade.

Another part of the bill requires teachers to start screening for struggling students as early as kindergarten. Leaders at the Wausau School District said early testing is important since each child has different needs.

"It's not like one program fits all children so there's that element of understanding where that child and being able to assess the child and help the child work with core instruction as well as any sort of interventions that they may need," said Wausau School District director of elementary education Nell Anderson.

The changes would affect students throughout the state. The bill needs to go back to the full senate and assembly for final approval before heading to the governor.

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