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Remembering a fallen hero: Colby firefighter Jamison Kampmeyer


The fallen firefighter will be remembered as a hero in Abbotsford and around our area.

Sunday afternoon's fire stunned the city of Abbotsford. The Abby Theater -- destroyed. And the Colby Fire Department lost one of its own as Jamison Kampmeyer gave the ultimate sacrifice in an effort to battle the blaze.

"One firefighter, Jamison Kampmeyer, a volunteer at the Colby fire department and a deputy with the Marathon County Sheriff's department was fatally injured," said Abbotsford fire department chief Jody Apfelbeck.

As investigators pick up the pieces after the fire, Kampmeyer's family and others in the city try to move forward -- with one fewer member of their close-knit community.

"We've had a lot of support from other fire departments," said Apfelbeck. "Everyone's been real supportive during this. We're taking it one day at a time."

Kampmeyer started work as a volunteer EMT and fire fighter back in 2002. An active serviceman in the area, he was hired as a deputy sheriff at the Marathon County Sheriff's department two years later. Sheriff Randy Hoenisch said Kampmeyer showed promise there -- and was next in line to become a detective.

"That promotion will be made posthumously and Jamison Kampmeyer will be laid to rest wearing the gold badge of a detective," said Hoenisch.

"It's tough," said Apfelbeck. "Everyone's leaning on each other for support at this time. My thoughts go out to the Colby Fire Department. They lost a great man. My thoughts go out to the family as well."

Flags flew at half staff at the Colby Fire Department and other places around town on Monday. Kampmeyer leaves behind a legacy of service and support -- of love and duty -- to his family and his community.

That last bit of video in the story was a few people who stopped by on Monday evening -- leaving flowers in Kampmeyer's memory at the theater. Kampmeyer is survived by his wife and three young children.

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