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Local radio station advertisers pressured over Limbaugh controversy


A Wausau radio station deals with fallout from the Rush Limbaugh controversy. 

Limbaugh's show airs on wsau radio. Last week -- Limbaugh called a 30-year old law student a "prostitute" -- after she testified before congress in support of insurance coverage for birth control.

Limbaugh later apologized for his choice of words.  WSAU  managers agreed with the decision to apologize for the choice of words. But, defend the talk show host's right to speak out on controversial issues.

Still--Limbaugh's comments outraged some listeners and advertisers. WSAU'S Operations Manager Chris Conley said, "We have had one advertiser pull out , and we feel that is unfortunate,  because they were contacted by an activist from outside the area.  We had only a handful of written complaints about the show. We get far more complaints when the show is pre-empted due to sports."

Limbaugh's show is among the most popular airing on the AM station.





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