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Tased Rib Mountain man now faces 10 charges

MARATHON COUNTY (WAOW)--31-year-old Vili Yang has now been charged. He faces 10 charges, including multiple drug counts and battery to law enforcement.

Vili Yang's wife told officers her husband wasn't himself. According to a police report, she later told them he wouldn't let her leave the bathroom. When deputies showed up the morning of Feb. 26, they say Yang didn't cooperate.

"Vili Yang attempted to flee from the bathroom area, where he barricaded himself into the bathroom," Marathon County Chief Deputy Sheriff Scott Parks said.

Officers say they tried to get Yang to calm down, but that didn't work.

"He became aggressive and threatening and they deployed/activated the taser," Parks said.

Marathon County Sheriff's Deputies tased Yang 10 times. But they say only a few of those had an impact because Yang kept fighting back. Deputies say Yang had drugs in his system and it may have affected his reaction.

"Controlled substances can play a part in how a person reacts to anything, taser strike/baton, depending on what he's taking, there may be no pain," Parks said.

After the incident, Yang's wife told Newsline 9 that deputies took things too far. But officers say they followed the rules.

"They were more focused on getting this individual under control/into custody because of the fear for the safety of those around him and their own safety," said Parks.

Deputies say Yang was taken to Aspirus Hospital in Wausau. He was released just this week and booked into jail. He now faces 10 different charges and is scheduled to appear in court next month.

Newsline 9 attempted to contact Yang, but was unsuccessful. His attorney had no comment.

Online Reporter: Cassandra Vinch


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