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Responsible dog ownership: for any breed


WAUSAU (WAOW)--Since Newsline 9 aired a story about the deadly attack by dogs that left three Llama's dead, we have heard many comments from our viewers. Some against the ownership of Pit Bulls (the breed of dog blamed in the attacks) and others who support the breed.

   Terry Carroll owns a Pit Bull that is a Certified Therapy Dog. Diaz, often goes into medical and senior living facilities in the Wausau Area. Terry says, "He is a wonderful dog, who loves to be around people. He will give them kisses or just allow them to pet his head. He has a very calming influence. He is just a loveable dog."

   The Humane Society of the United States says the breeds sweet temperament once earned it the name of the "nanny dog."  But in recent years, it has become the breed of choice for dogfighters and drug dealers. As a result they are the most abused, misunderstood dog breed--comprising an estimated 70% of the doges housed and euthanized in urban animal shelter systems.

  Collie breeder, Vickie Vonseggern believed pet ownership is a big responsibility, no matter what kind of dog you have. Vickie says," You have to train the dog, and have them on a leash, a fenced yard is best for containing them. Don't let them run the neighborhood, that is irresponsible, there are now two ways about it."

   The local American Kennel Clubs offer in-school programs for children. These are aimed at teaching children what they should and should not do around animals.

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