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Flight attendant wrestled into seat after ranting about crash


DALLAS (AP) -- Passengers aboard an American Airlines plane on the ground in Dallas today say several people wrestled a flight attendant into a seat, after the attendant ranted about the plane crashing.

One passenger says the flight attendant gave a rambling, 15-minute speech on the public address system. She says passengers started "freaking out."

Some passengers called 911, while others used the PA system to beg the pilot to return to the terminal. The pilot did so. The flight attendant was taken to a hospital for evaluation.

According to one passenger, the flight attendant "made two comments that if we didn't go back to the gate we would crash." He says, "We were pretty frightened.

A passenger who helped restrain the flight attendant says she was "obviously sick."

In a passenger's video obtained by The Associated Press, a woman can be heard sobbing, while another woman reassures her, saying, "Thank goodness we're on the ground."

The airline says the cabin crew was replaced, and the flight took off for Chicago about 80 minutes behind schedule.

An airport spokesman says no state criminal charges are being considered.

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