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Crowds flood an area restaurant for March Madness


 Some basketball fans could not wait for the doors to open at Buffalo Wild Wings in Wausau. Brad Campbell and his friend, Mic Wendorf, made it their priority to get in line before everyone else.

 "When I first moved up here to the Wausau area, I convinced a co-worker of mine of how much fun this would be," says Campbell. "He bit in right away, so we've been having a great time for 12 years since."

 Campbell and Wendorf say that it's their tradition to wake up early, and set aside vacation, usually a year in advance.

 "Thankful to our employer for letting us take vacation, and just enjoy it," says Wendorf.

 Besides rooting for the Badgers and Marquette, Campbell is hoping that the mayor will consider making March Madness a holiday.

 "We just need the mayor to pull in and say shut down businesses for the day, and make sure everybody helps their local economy watching basketball in the business all day."

 Even without a declaration from the mayor, business is already booming for the local Buffalo Wild Wings. Kate Oliva, a server at the restaurant, says that she can make about two hundred dollars in tips.

 "We're usually here all day," says Oliva. "Most of us are working doubles from the time we open until the time we close so it comes out to be a good day."

 Whether you are in it for the business or for the fun, it looks like the madness of March is quite an experience.

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