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Reaction to Sen. Galloway's resignation

State lawmakers react to Sen. Galloway's (R-Wausau) announcement that she plans to resign from the state Senate on Friday. Their statements are listed below.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) released the following statement:

"First and foremost, I want to wish Pam and her family the best with the health challenges they are facing. My colleagues and I will continue to keep her family in our thoughts and prayers, and hope for a speedy recovery.

"Pam ran for office for the right reasons, and she's leaving for the right reasons.

"As a senator, Pam did an incredible job in an incredibly difficult environment, especially in her first term as an elected official. Her leadership was essential in passing Rural Enterprise Zones, Concealed Carry, and waiving fees for professional licenses for veterans.

"Her professionalism, intelligence, and dedication to her constituents will be greatly missed."


Statement by Senator Mark Miller (D-Monona):

"I appreciated getting to know Senator Galloway. I wish her and her family all the best. 

"Senator Fitzgerald and I have already spoken, and we will be working together next week to discuss how to move forward."


Statement by Representative Evan Wynn (R-Whitewater):

"I was extremely happy to work with Senator Galloway on our mutual passion: helping our veterans get back to work.  Senator Galloway and I introduced and passed legislation to allow our returning veterans to get a free professional license and to help disabled veterans get into state public service jobs.

"Senator Galloway's passion for helping our veterans and the many other issues she championed during her time will be greatly missed.  I will keep her and her family in my prayers."


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