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Clintonville residents hear shakes, rattles and rolls


CLINTONVILLE (WAOW) --  "I have never heard anything like it in my life. I thought it was going to suck us in!"

After a loud boom, Margaret DeGroot was wide awake.

"I went outside and the neighbor guy came out and then the other guy and all of sudden we heard another boom," DeGroot explains. "The ground shook and we all said, 'did you feel that?' The whole ground shook underneath our feet."

But, city officials can't explain why that happened.

"We have spoken to military personnel, meteorologists, geologists, seeing if there was any seismic activity. There was not," City Administrator Lisa Kuss said.

Investigators have been patrolling the streets since 2 a.m. Monday morning, trying to determine what caused the ground to shake, and sounds of explosions to fill the air.

The Clintonville Police Department reports more than 150 phone calls came in over night, all reporting the same activity.

"All of a sudden they hear a popping noise and a booming underground and then boom boom boom and the earth rattled," Kuss said.

Rattling so violent, DeGroot thought about leaving town.

"I said, should I wake up my family and put them in the van and just drive away?" DeGroot says.

But officials say residents aren't in any danger. And they don't know if they will ever figure out what happened.

"Although we can't tell you what it is. We are continuing to monitor the situation," Kuss explains.

Officials say they have consulted with geologists from UW-Madison to try to monitor any further activity.

But, it's a situation that DeGroot says she will never forget.

"I've lived all over," DeGroot says. "I have never felt something like I did this morning, nothing."


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