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Weston split over a vote to bring back a bus line


 WESTON (WAOW)--Weston is split over whether the village should bring back a bus line. The bus service stopped running last year, sparking controversy. But, now there is a chance it could return.

A judge has ordered the village to let the voters decide. Village board member Barb Ermeling declined to go on camera, but she told Newsline 9 if the bus system comes back, something else would have to be cut. Others, like Morrie Michalik, of Weston, agree.

"It's a sacrifice that I think we've been making these days. It's just we need cuts in a lot of the ways we do our business, you know," Michalik said.

But, Father Steve Brice, who supports the public transit system, says it wouldn't cost that much to bring back the bus.

"That's ten dollars a household for the year, and we have a public transportation service that everybody could use," Brice said.

But for some, that is 10 dollars too much. Machalik says, instead of paying large amounts to haul two or three people around, there needs to be an alternate solution. And does not want his money going toward a transit system he says is flawed.

"I personally think its blown way out of proportion. I think there are a lot more solutions that people don't talk about. I think the private sector can do it cheaper than we do for paying for mass transit," Machalik said.

But supporters say a bus is the best way to get around, especially with rising gas prices.

"You know with gas going up over four dollars a gallon it would be a savings for everybody to use public transportation," Brice said.

In the end, the voters will decide. A judge said the vote must happen sometime after April 3, but a date has not been set.
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