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Mysterious activity continues in Clintonville

CLINTONVILLE (WAOW) --  "You want to know what it feels like?" Clintonville resident Kevin Moericke explains the mysterious booms heard round Clintonville as he stand on his sidewalk on Tuesday afternoon.  "Sit on a couch, light a firecracker and put it underneath you. When it goes off...that vibration, that sound, that is exactly what it feels like."

And after two nights of restless sleep, Moericke wants answers.

"What is going on?" He asks.

But city officials don't have an explanation. They have ruled out gas leaks, military activity and mining explosions.

"It's so hard to monitor because when it does happen it happens for a split second and then its over and when its over there is nothing to record," Lisa Kuss, Clintonville City Administrator says.

So, they turned to the geologist. Who say they are planning to use equipment that could help measure the activity.

"It's a set of instruments that record noise in the air and ground vibrations at a higher resolution and frequency," Dr. Harold Tobin, Professor of GeoPhysics and UW-Madison explains. "It could pinpoint exactly where the noise, sounds were coming from and what their characteristics are."

But since original reports flooded the Clintonville Police department Monday night, the activity has spread. City officials say dispatch calls were coming in from the western and southern parts of the city, blocks away from where it was originally reported.

"We are still encouraging people to call in when they feel or hear something and give us their address," Kuss says. "That is the only way we can record where it is right now."

But authorities still stress they don't believe people are in any danger. And for Moericke, he just wants a good night's sleep.

"It wakes you up. I don't care how deep a sleeper you are, you hear that bang and you are up," Moericke explains.

City officials plan to camp out Tuesday night to try an record any audio or visual activity. Newsline 9 will update this story when more details become available.

Authorities will hold a press conference Wednesday night, March 21 at 6 o'clock in the Clintonville High School Auditorium. City officials say they will answer any questions the public may have.

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