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Everest students to meet counterparts in Henryville,IN

WESTON (WAOW)--Students at D.C. Everest High School will meet with their counterparts from Henryville, Indiana this afternoon. The prom committee's from both schools will use a Skype  hookup to bring them together.

The Everest students recently dedicated a video entry in the Lady Antebellum prom contest to the Henryville students. The community was devastated by a deadly tornado earlier this month. On Tuesday, Lady-A announced Henryville is the winner of their prom contest and the band will play for the school.

Teacher, Renee Buchholz, who oversees the DCE Prom Committee, says the students  are thrilled for Henryville and continue to work on their Happy Thoughts for Henryville fundraiser. They are selling wristbands in hopes of donating money to the Henryville clean up efforts and collecting books to restock the school library.

You can check it out at: http://www.dce.k12.wi.us/

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