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Clintonville officials try to explain the booms

CLINTONVILLE (WAOW) -- After three days with no answers, people in Clintonville are tired.

"It's the fear of the unknown," Clintonville resident Joshua Yagow said.

But city officials are trying to offer answers. They held a meeting at the high school Wednesday night, packed with hundreds of people.  Lisa Kuss, the city administrator spoke first, trying to give an explanation.

"It is a strong possibility that some natural phenomenon is occurring under the ground. We have discussed that both our strange winter weather and current very warm spring like weather, which is early, is extreme at best and somehow could be impacting our soils below the surface," Kuss told the crowd.

Officials say they have ruled out dozens of other possibilities, including gas leaks, water problems and military activity. But, they are still not satisfied.

"Unfortunately, we have no definitive answers," Kuss said.

So, what's next? City officials say they've hired an engineering company to bring in seismic monitors. That should help determine the exact location and cause of the booming.

"We will have four monitors set up in a triangle and then one in the middle," Kuss explained.

But there is no guarantee any data will be collected. And many people don't like feeling so unsure. That's why dozens stood up at the meeting and voiced their concerns.

"If we just knew something about what was going on people in this town would feel a little more safe," Yagow said.

"We just lay awake at night just wondering if it was going to happen again," Clintonville resident Joanna Davies added.

Officials are confused as well. But, they say people are not in any danger. 

"If we thought you needed to evacuate we would tell you. But the activity is getting lighter, not more aggressive, so we assure are safe," Kuss said.

And as residents filed out of the meeting, many of their questions remained unanswered. But, most agreed on one thing.

"Nobody has ever experienced this before so you can't blame anyone for not doing their job correctly," Yagow points out.

City officials say the seismic monitors should be up and running by late Thursday night or early Friday morning. They say they are hoping to have any kind of answers by the end of the week. 

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