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Officials: Swarm of minor earthquakes caused Clintonville booms

CLINTONVILLE (WAOW) -- After days of questions about mysterious booming noises, the city of Clintonville finally has its answer.

The U.S. Geological Survey confirms a 1.5-magnitude earthquake struck the small community around 12:15 a.m. Tuesday. USGS officials say it was just one of a series of mini-quakes.

Clintonville city leaders held a meeting Thursday evening at the high school to explain the mystery booms.

"Our community did, in fact, experience an earthquake," said Lisa Kuss, Clintonville city administrator.

This news brought relief to some residents.

"Glad and happy we have an answer," said Clintonville resident Todd Mattes. "It makes us think if we are going to have more earthquakes we have got to start thinking what do we do."

The USGS determined the shakes came from a series of small earthquakes. The biggest was a 1.5-magnitude. They learned this by using seismic recorders from across the Midwest.

Experts say such small quakes wouldn't usually be noticeable. But in this case, the solid granite underground enhanced them.

At the community meeting Thursday, the city administrator answered questions, including why an earthquake was originally ruled out as a cause of the booms.

"We weren't aware of the additional information being available," said Kuss.

City leaders say the mystery is solved. But questions still remain.

"Why only a particular part of the city?" said Brenda Engel, Clintonville resident. "That's what puzzles me. Why not the whole city?"

Clintonville officials say they're still looking for answers to this puzzle. But in the meantime, they say residents are safe.

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