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Candidates say they don't want to see "fake democrats" on campaign trail

(WAOW) -- The next in a series of recall elections is in the works for Wisconsin. Up for grabs -- former State Senator Pam Galloway's seat in the 29th district. On Wednesday, republican State Representative Jerry Petrowski announced his plans to fill the vacancy.

"Every election I have ever been in has always been tough we are going to do what we need to do," said Petrowski.

Now, democratic candidate State Representative Donna Seidel is speaking out.

"We want to avoid games being played and hopefully Representative Petrowski will make that determination as well," said Seidel.

During last summer's recall campaign, six "fake" democrats were on the ballot -- an effort organized by the state republican party. That forced a primary election, which gave candidates more time to put together their own campaigns. We tried to contact state republican party leaders to see if they had plans to do more of the same this time around. But even after we left repeated messages, they didn't get back to us.

Seidel said voters deserve to have a senator as soon as possible.

"We have heard from people in every community of the 29th senate district," said Seidel. "Not only do they want a change in leadership from what they had but they'd like to see this election take place quickly."

Petrowski was not available for an on-camera interview but he sent us a statement. In it, he said, "I do not condone the practice of running fake candidates in political races. Both political parties should focus solely on the issues that matter to this state."

While both representatives say they don't approve of fake candidates, it's still not clear whether another name will show up on the ballot this spring. 

The recall election is currently scheduled for May 8th. If a primary is necessary, that would push back the general election to June 5th.

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