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Milk production is up due to warmer weather


Milk production is up in North Central Wisconsin due to warmer weather, but that may change soon.

Experts said dairy farms are doing better than last year.

"Its comes out to be 45 pounds more per cow per month more than a year ago, so its about a pound and a half per day," said Matt Lippert, dairy agent for Wood County.

He said it's thanks to the warmer weather.

"During the cooler months of the year, warmer weather is favorable," said Lippert.

But it's not all good news. The production of milk is up, but the Otto Farm in Milladore has only been able to break even with their cows since consumption of dairy is down.

"The milk prices haven't been very good," said Brian Otto, dairy farmer at Otto Farms.

"Households just for various reasons have been consuming less fluid milk products," said Lippert.

So while the weather helps with production, it does not make up for the low demand at the Otto Farm.

"What it costs to produce the milk is all we're getting back so it means we can't upgrade. We can't fix anything if say something breaks," said Otto.

And if the weather gets too hot, he says milk production could go down drastically.

"That's scary because cows can't take heat. They don't sweat or anything," said Otto.

"They'll be less fertile, and cows need to calve to produce milk," said Lippert.

For now, the Otto family is enjoying the mild weather, but they're watching the thermometer, hoping it doesn't get too high.


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