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UPDATE: State Sen. Jim Holperin will not seek re-election


(WAOW)--State Senator Jim Holperin just survived a recall election last summer. But now, less than a year later, Holperin says he will not seek a second term.

We were unable to reach Holperin for comment.

But Northwoods Democratic leaders say the announcement came as a surprise.
Still, they understand Holperin's decision.

 "He really tried to represent the people in his district," said Jackie Cody, Northwoods Democratic Party Headquarters Office Manager. "He didn't always make everyone happy, but he did what I believe was best for the common good."

Holperin has served as a state senator since 2008.
Before that, he represented the Northwoods in the state assembly.
He also worked as a cabinet secretary.

"I'm excited for him to have a home life," said Cody. "Time with his family which he didn't have, obviously, as a busy senator."

But some of Holperin's moves drew criticism.
Holperin was one of 14 state senators who left Wisconsin last year, during the battle over collective barganing.
That led to a recall effort against him last summer.
But he kept his seat.

"Jim's re-election campaign energized people," said Cody. "It showed to them they could be unified and get an accomplishment done, politically, that I think other people thought could never happen."

But Onieda County Republican leaders say they're happy Holperin is stepping down.
They say his recent vote against a mining bill hurt the northwoods.

"I think he is going out on a low note, because there are a lot of people upset with this," said Andy Loduha, Onieda County Republican Party Chair.  "I think he really realized that once he cast that vote that it would be very hard for him to be re-elected."

Now that Holperin is out of the race, his seat is up for grabs.
And both parties will certainly work hard to make sure that seat is theirs in November.
Northwoods Democratic party leaders say it's too soon to know which candidate will run for Holperin's seat.

On the republican side, State Representative Tom Tiffany told Newsline 9 he's considering a run. He's expected to make a decision next week. Tiffany ran for state senate in 2008... and lost to Holperin

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State Senator Jim Holperin (D-Conover) said he would not run for re-election this fall.

Holperin sent out a statement that said, "I've given this decision considerable thought, not just recently but over time. Politics and legislating are fascinating and fulfilling work and I've enjoyed 20 years of it in the State Assembly, State Senate and as a cabinet secretary. I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world, but now there are other things I want to do."

Holperin was one of the targets of recall elections last summer -- after a group of senate democrats went to Illinois to avoid voting on Governor Scott Walker's controversial budget bill.

Assemblyman Tom Tiffany (R-Eagle River) says he is considering a run for the seat. "In the next week I will make a decision whether to run for the 12th senate seat after consulting with my family," Tiffany is quoted as saying in a press release. "Wisconsin has laid a new foundation with budgetary and regulatory reforms in this session of the legislature.  My decision will hinge on where I can be most helpful in building on that foundation for a better tomorrow for northern Wisconsin."

Tiffany is currently serving his first term in the Assembly. He ran for state senate in 2008 but lost to Holperin. 

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