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Helping Finn fight cancer

(WAOW) -- It's news no parent wants to hear -- one of your children has cancer. One Madison family is taking strides to fight the disease and a business in Stratford is helping with the cause.

When you look at Finnegan Ringdroski's baby blue eyes, it's hard to imagine the pain that lies behind them.

"They called me at work and they said, come on in to the hospital immediately because they found a tumor in his brain," said Finn's father Mike Ring. "And the tumor was about the size of a racquetball, about two and a half inches."

The one-and-a-half year old's tumor so big, his parents said they could tell his head was swelling from the pressure. For the past four months -- a whirlwind of doctor's appointments, surgeries and fear of the unknown.

"It was terrifying," said Finn's mother Nicky Mondroski. "It was the scariest thing you can ever go through to be waiting and wondering what it could be."

Now, doctors said only about 10% of the tumor is left. But Finn's family faces another trial -- paying off all those medical bills.

"We put our heads together and thought, maybe we could come up with a program on our website so we could help the family," said Andy Kunkel, who works with Wooden Creations.

Friends of the family have pitched in already -- and now -- more than 100 miles away -- workers with Wooden Creations in Stratford are helping out. Those workers are giving 50% of all the money they make from their online site this month to Finn's family.

"To envision my daughters going through anything like that, I couldn't fathom having to deal with that situation," said Kunkel.

"It's still really amazing when someone that you really don't know very well wants to help you out," said Mondroski.

Finn's road to recovery is far from finished. But with the support of family and friends from all over the state -- this little guy is well on his way.

"The kindness of people has really just overwhelmed us, said Ring. "People who we don't even know and people who we have met in passing maybe once or twice helping has just been wonderful."

The Wooden Creations store has raised about $120 for Finn so far. To hear more about Finn's story -- and find out how you can help -- you can click on this link. 

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